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La Garde Imperiale exists to recreate and research the artillery of Napoleon, in a spirit of mutual cooperation, friendship and comeradery.

La Garde has two sections, re-enactment and research.


Our research division is at the fore front of research into Napoleonic Artillery not only in France but in Europe from 1700 to 1850. Our research feeds into our re-enactment and our re-enactment feeds into our research.  Unit commander Paul Dawson has recently published a study of the Guard Foot Artillery.

Paul specialises in the study of French artillery, uniforms and horses; Anthony on British artillery .



 La Garde currently has three branches to the re-enactment side of the group.

Foot Artillery.

La Garde Imperiale are unique in Uk that we depcit a gun and crew of the foot artillery of the Imperial Guard of Napoleon. Using full size reconstructed guns and the only horse team in re-enactment to move our gun, our fire power demonstrations are exciting and dynamic events to watch and take part in. We depict a section of foot artillery attached to the infantry regiments of the Imperial Guard. 

For more on the Foot Artillery  Section Organisation


Artillery Train and Grenadiers a Cheval

In 2010, realising that in-order to depict a foot artillery gun crew as accuratly as possible, La Garde embarked on a project to establish a mounted section. The mounted section work as both artillery train drivers at artillery displays as well as peforming as a skill at arms display team as 5e escadron Grenadiers a Cheval de la Garde Imperiale for the period 1813 to 1815.  La Gardeis now able to offer the exciting spectacle of skill at arms demonstrations as well as having dedicated horses to move our field guns. La Garde is unique in having access to over 40 horses to provide cavalry mounts and importantly artillery draught horses. This is only possible through our close working partnership with Stage and Screen Solutions, based at Gwydir Stables, in Penmachno North Wales. We are currently recruitng for artillery drivers and riders to join our skill at arms team. All prospective riders need to be able to ride to a minimum of BHS stage 2. We aim, where possible, to have draught horses at our major UK events. However when horses are not present, we expect the drivers to participate as members of the gun crew. We actively train at Gwydyr Stables, Penmachno, North Wales throughout the year. This enables the gunners to practice  their drills on the field guns, the skill at arms team and train dirvers to also practice their mounted drills. It also enables the gun crew to actively train though-out the year with the draught horses.


None Combattant.

For those with interest in the none combattant side of the era, La Garde also have members who depict the workers battalion of the guard, and operate as a team of nurses. We also have camp women, vivandieres, for those wanting to portray a women of the period.

Our ranks are open to all, to be a gunner, driver, civilian or camp follower. Based in North of England and Midlands we welcome all into our ranks. 

In camp we endeavour to life like the period soldier. One of the most popular part of our displays is the period food that the public can try. For more information click here.


5e Escadron Grenadiers a Cheval also operates as part of The International Cavalry Association

La Garde Imperiale has a space for you in its ranks.