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Formed in 1971, the founders of the unit wanted to form a re-enactment unit where the quality of drill and accurate appearance were the main standards we would apply to ourselves. We also wished to do this as an artillery unit using full size guns, the only one currently represented in UK re-enactment. This gives us the advantages of a smart uniform, big guns and horses. Correspondingly, it means we need to be really good at what we do, including carrying out all the standard evolutions of guard troops. We primarily represent the regiment as it appeared in 1810.

We train intensively through the winter, using the original drill manual of the French artillery of the period, as well as making the majority of our kit and uniforms 'in-house'. Unlike many re-enactment units, we aim to recruit the enthusiastic rather than the rich. Rather than taking an attitude of 'welcome, now go and buy your kit', we can equip members from out depot kit. This allows new members to take part in events without a major financial outlay. We  encourage members to obtain their own uniform over time.

Now, over 30 years down the line, after a change in command and new blood coming into the unit, we are still a fairly new unit in re-enactment terms, but growing rapidly and looking for recruits in the North of England. We work alongside the Anglesey Hussars, the 33rd Foot, and other groups in Uk and Europe.


La Garde Imperiale has a space for you in its ranks.