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La Garde Imperiale from its inception in 1971 has always been equipped with full size artillery pieces. Our first gun, 'Josephine' was built in 1972.



12-pound field gun

The 12-pounder field gun was considered to be a battle-winning weapon, particularly when massed in "Grand Batteries".

 It was used by both Guard and Line batteries.

A Heavy Field Battery usually consisted of 8 pieces - 6 12-pounder guns and two Howitzers. 

 In action  they had a crew of 15 men, which included  8 specialist gunners commanded by a Corporal. They were drawn by a team of 6 horses accompanied by three ammunition caissons, each holding 68 rounds.

They had an effective range of 750 to 1,000 metres and could fire upto two rounds per minute.



  4-pound field gun

The 4-pdr was the mainstay of light field artillery during the Revolutionary and early period of the Napoleonic wars. From 1809 the 4-pdrs were used to arm the newly raised Young Guard or Conscript Artillery of the Imperial Guard, who undertook extensive service in Spain prior to the Russian campaign.


The 4-pdr allows La Garde to attend smaller events which don't have the space for our 12-pdr. It is also a far more workman like gun to operate and transport. The 4-pdr has a cast gun tube [actually a British 3-pdr] and is mounted on an exact copy of a 4-pdr carriage in the Artillery museum in Lille.



La Garde Imperiale has a space for you in its ranks.