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How expensive is re-enacting?

Upon joining the regiment La Garde will endeavour to provide depot kit to all new members. Over time members are recomended to provide their own uniform which will cost about £1600 less your musket. For would be Grenadiers a Cheval, the cost is around £4,000 including the saddle, sabre and other essential items needed by a cavalry trooper.  La Garde will provide you with a list of suppliers that meet the groups level of accuracy, or for those skilled with the needle and thread La Garde will assist you in making your own clothing and equipment. Besides your uniform, you will need to join the Regiment (£120 per year). This accounts for all your insurance, black powder,  as well as the maintenance of the artillery pieces and their transport to events. You should also expect to some traveling around, to and from events. This means traveling expenses.

Over time, you are expected to purchase your own uniform so that depot kit where it exists can be returned to stores to equip new members. Basic uniform to participate in events which will be provided where possible by the unit, plus advanced equipment at a later point, plus a musket (Shotgun), shotgun license (around £50)and black powder license (free).

See the unfirom section of the web pages for a rough guide to what you will need.

Will I be given full training?

Yes absolutely! The whole Battery undergoes training drills throughout the winter and summer months, where you are trained on drill, marching, loading and firing, dress, military etiquette, everything you will need to know to fight on the battlefield. New cannoniers get one on one tuition from an experienced cannonier. Most importantly if you are using a live firing musket, we will make sure you are proficient in using your musket correctly.

What roles are available?

Most men join as a cannonier, however all positions are available in the battery. If you have musical skills such as you play the drum or could play a fife, then we always welcome new musicians.
You could also join as a camp follower or dandy. Women take on the roles of ladies, or camp followers, and can join the gun crew if they so desire.


To be eligible to join the Grenadiers a Cheval you need to be able to ride to a minimum of BHS stage 2. 

What events do you do?

An event might be a display stand and talk, a small skirmish, large battalion formed battle, a public drill display, seminars, concerts, TV work...the list is really endless. We do a whole range of different events throughout the year. During 2006, we were involved in film work for the BBC and Chester University.

How do battles work and what are they like?

We employ military techniques and strategies of the period, which means we usually form up in a staggered line called a gun line. Usually we combine with other regiments to form a stronger battery. In actual battle we fire salvo's at the British troops under command and advance or retreat at the whim of our brigade commander.

Is it dangerous?

Any hobby involving gun powder has an element of danger to it. However, you will be fully trained and health and safety regulations are very stringent.

Can all genders join the Regiment?

Yes - positions are open to all.

What is the Regiment like and will it suit me?

I can answer this question with a degree of honesty since I have been with the regiment since 1996
The Regiment is very welcoming and very helpful to new members. We hope it has a nice family atmosphere, where we have entire families as members (Including little ones). After events we stay together, cook, chat by the campfire and freeze as the sun goes down.
Please feel free to talk to our commanding officer if you have any questions, or come and see us at drill or on the battlefield.

La Garde Imperiale has a space for you in its ranks.

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